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A Little Girl’s Magic.


Magic Window Delight.


Oh, the snow is coming and what a wonderful window delight!

Magical Macro

I think this photo is so cool. ?

Magical Dreams.

” Just imagine the wonderful magical dreams you would have in this bedroom.”

Winter Window Magic.

So cozy and magical. A window of winter magic.

Rainbow Forests.

Glimmering with colour are these rainbow forests.

Singing In The Lights

Singing In The Lights.”
Our ‘severely magical things’ interpretation of the classic!

Forever Winter Wonderland

Sparkle in So Cal

Severely Magical Things’ favourite images from the web

A Divine Evening Picnic

“An evening with good friends, great food, and the fresh country air. All laid out lavishly on an old country table under garden lights. How divine.”
Severely Magical Things’ favourite images from the web