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A Jar Of Magic.

” Pure magic-actually, A Jar Of Magic.” – Thank you, Masters of Artistry.

Castles Are Always Magical

Castles are surely some of the most beautiful and mysterious #severelymagicalthings. 

Singing In The Lights

Singing In The Lights.”
Our ‘severely magical things’ interpretation of the classic!

Crystal ball Magic ~ Photo

Crystal Ball Magic.”  What would you wish for if you had a magic crystal ball?
This ‘severely magical things’ photo is courtesy of Depth of Field.

Beautiful Horses

Source: Instagram
As per Instagram’s regulations, we need to request individual permission to repost each photo so this will be our last Instagram repost. Thanks.

Mystical White Horses

Source: linus-by-linus Instagram

Country Charm Of Horses

See this Instagram photo by Country_Features on Instagram.  although I have seen other people take credit for ut too.???

Dawn Arising

Source: Instagram

Little Friends

severelymagivalthings.com/little-friends/See this Instagram photo by IMPRESSIVE_PHOTOGRAPHY_ on Instagram

Private Eyes

See this Instagram photo by Art Attention on Instagram