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May love and laughter fill your day

picnic snow lights

May love and laughter fill your day.

Can you see it?

cabin winter snow cozy

Can you see it? Lanterns and lights welcoming you to stay.

Hidden winter hideaway

How amazing is this winter hideaway?

And now we can rest

cabin snow winter christmas

Summer days may be gone for another year but now wrapped in blankets of snow we can rest.

The season is coming…

winter snow cabin porch

The air has turned crisp and the days are shortening in anticipation of the season to come. Yes, Christmas and joy will be here soon, the season is coming!

Sunset Magic.


Severely Magical Cabins.



Just about any cabin is magical to me!

Early Morning Magic.

There is something special and magical about waking up early when staying in northern Canada.
The world slowly and quietly rises with the sun while a seemingly endless peace surrounds you.

A Divine Evening Picnic

“An evening with good friends, great food, and the fresh country air. All laid out lavishly on anĀ old country table under garden lights. How divine.”
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