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Hidden winter hideaway

How amazing is this winter hideaway?

And now we can rest

cabin snow winter christmas

Summer days may be gone for another year but now wrapped in blankets of snow we can rest.

The season is coming…

winter snow cabin porch

The air has turned crisp and the days are shortening in anticipation of the season to come. Yes, Christmas and joy will be here soon, the season is coming!

Are you there God, it’s me…

girl looking up at night snowing

“Are you there God, it’s me…”

A Magical Christmas Song.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra play, Christmas Canon.

Frosted Cobweb.


A Little Girl’s Magic.


Magical Cat Delight.


How adorable is this shot? magical cat delight.

Magical Pumpkin Picnic.


What a glorious idea, a magical pumpkin picnic.

Magic Fall Snowy Walk.


What a fall delight, walking in the magic fall leaves touched with snow.