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Art Attention

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Pink Magic

severelymagicalthings.com/pink-magic/See this Instagram photo by @allthingsofbeauty

Fairy Dream house

severelymagicalthings.com/fairy-dream-house/Created by Severely Magical Things on We Heart It
Source: WHI

Wisteria Waterfall


A waterfall of Wisteria. How magical. 

Created by Severely Magical Things on We Heart It


Lavender Fields Forever


Lavender fields forever, stretching out towards the warm sun washing the earth with their soothing scent. 

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My Country Arbor


Imagine an afternoon sitting on this porch amongst the climbing roses sipping lemonade and listening to crickets, birds, and the wind rustle the trees. Isn’t that magical?

Created by Severely Magical Things on We Heart It


Magical Fleurs


Collages can be so beautiful especially when they show macro photographs of flowers, dewdrops, potpourri,  and dandelion clocks or angel’s wings as we called them when I was young.

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Un magnifique cheval


How magical, a beautiful grey horse decorated with a long braided mane topped with roses. 

Created by Severely Magical Things on We Heart It

Source: Un magnifique cheval by Flower love | WHI

Tunnel Of Magic


This hidden pathway within an archway of trees is such a delight. How magical to visit these woods one day and walk under the sun streaked trees. 

Created by Severely Magical Things on We Heart It

Original Source:WHI